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Monster is Making Speakers Now?

Bose better beware. There is another 'better products through marketing' peddler entering their market.
Monster has been making speakers for years. They made a nice looking (but bloated sounding and overpriced) two piece tower speakers. I recall they just didnt sound like they were worth more than 100.00 and they wanted like 1,500/ea.
I saw them in a Fryes in Austin after my first GTG, that was in 07. They looked nice but were on clearance and not hooked up. I thought that venture was short lived, but everybody is in the iPod dock game so I'm not surprised at the second attempt.
So how many posted any comments? Here's mine:

"Seriously? There's other speaker brands out there that give you better performance for the consumer dollar. Why even bother with a company known for suing the "little man" for using the word monster in their company names, logos, or ads."

It's been queued for moderation, so I doubt my comment will get posted.