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More proof that 360 > PS3


Well-Known Member
ESPN3 now the 360. You can watch live games on your 360. How freaking cool is that.
I'm very excited because it means I get to watch my soccer matches on my 360 instead from some poor internet stream :dance:

lulimet said:
...I get to watch my soccer matches on my 360 instead from some poor internet stream:dance:

I don't understand this part. Are you saying it benefits you because you can watch it on your TV (via the 360) and you couldn't before because your PC isn't connected to a TV?

This will make watching ESPN3 easier and more convenient. By itself it won't improve the quality of the stream, though.

I have no way of connecting my desktop to my TV plus the ESPN3 stream is much better than the streams I find on the internet so yes, this is great news for me.
I hate when they choose sides...I wouldn't mind watching some Premier League via my PS3.
Anybody know if this is exclusive for the XBOX or if the XBOX just got theirs first? I would be surprised if ESPN would eliminate half of that market by only picking one or the other. Actually, 2/3 because there are a LOT fo Wii users also.

I searched but I couldn't find anything. I'm thinking they'll eventually have it on the PS3 too. It doesn't make sense for them not to.
Just hold on, it wont be long before PS3 has something similar.

The PS3 technically (performance) walks all over the 360. It's the ONLY gaming console that is capable of 4D graphics, or the evolution of time.