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Movie Title of the year 2011, bar none


Well-Known Member
Hobo With A Shotgun: :shock:

They have been running this trailer on Directv recently, for some I just loved the title. One review said "it's everything you want a movie called Hobo With A Shotgun to be, another said this is what Snakes On A Planes promised to be. Starring Rutger Hauger, who said this is his first starring role in twenty years, wow I feel old now. Loved his roles in Blade Runner, The Hitcher, and LadyHawke, forgot he was in Batman Begins.

Originally this was one of the spoof trailer movies for the Grindhouse movie, like Machete was also.

One of my favorite movies that I always watch even though it's stupid but have to watch also stars Rutger Hauer. "Blind Fury"