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My buddy's a bit weirded-out...


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I have a buddy in CA, Ken, who works with learning-disabled children during the day, runs Blueberry Buddha Recording Studio at night, and used to play in a band called Nectarphonic.
Ken was watching the last YouTube posting by the Tucson gunman, and freaked out, when he realized the background music to the video was a Nectarphonic recording! :scared-yipes: :scared-yipes: :scared-yipes:

Check it out; the music's pretty nice (Ken's the keyboardist):



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So was the music licensed? Or subject to licensing? Was credit at least given?

Sorry but got bored and couldn't make it through the whole piece.

Holy crap... I just realized who put that together. I'd be a little freaked out too. Maybe he should talk to Google about copyright infringement.