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My corrugate speakers


Renaissance man
Here is a little something I built this week. The pyramid speakers are made from 500 pound test triple wall corrugate. I fitted them with Vifa A10CC-07 (made for M&K) two way drivers and some old Pioneer transducers I had laying around for the last 20 years. All in all not a bad speaker. I still need to play around with the crossover to dial them in.

By the way, I picked up the Vifa for $5 a piece from deepsurplus.com

Oooooh, Wardsweb goes art deco! :eek:bscene-drinkingcheers:
Maximo said:
What is triple walll corrugate and I only see the driver and not the transducer?
It is called corrugat in the industry and cardboard for most everyone else. Here is a quick run down.

-B- said:
That's damn cool!
Agreed, and a cool inexpensive way to experiment with different cabinet designs/sizes.

I was really into model airplanes as a kid, both R/C and C/L, and started making them out of corrugated cardboard, it was all I could afford; when they fell apart after being saturated with gas, grab a razor knife and make another one!
O/T, but thanks for bringing a smile to my face this morning. :text-thankyoublue:
That is hellacool!!!

I am trying to build a fiberglass speaker enclosure for the helm of my boat and I have been using cardboard, errr I mean corrugate, for the templates. I also used corrugate for the prototypes of the sub boxes. Which I have completed now just need to get them built.
My $10 3-way crossovers came in from Parts Express, so they are done. It is amazing how good they sound. Again it proves you don't have to spend a ton of money to have decent sound...but it doesn't hurt. :D

I really was surprised how well they turned out. I wasn't expecting much more than having some fun, but they sound really good. They image well, have good bass, a nice mid and top end sizzle. No they can't compete with $10,000 speakers but were never meant to do so. I'll keep these around just to show people how good a little money can sound.
Heck, since they're already "boxed" just scribble Bat's address on the side and mail them to the GTG! :laughing:
Plus, based solely on the pictures, they look pretty darn good too. Fun to have stuff that buck's the trends. Low dollar speakers that perform well are a good thing.