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My display has been compromised?

Bob R

Active Member
The other night, I finished a DVD concert (Government Mule) and switched over to my cable DVR to watch TV.

A big blue box appeared on the screen with this ominous message.

“The HD content protection of your display has been compromised. Please use your YPbPr cable for your HD content”. The result is all HD channels goes out, Standard Def only.

Mt first thought was that my TV had shit the bed, and my second was that by going to component cables I’ll lose the on screen display for the Onkyo AVR which requires HDMI.

Some googling revealed that this is a fairly common problem which dates back to about 2004. The DVR requests the HDCP flag and the TV takes too long to answer. One of the solutions is to power on the TV before the DVR to help the sequence along.
I tried this and it worked, as a matter of fact I reverted back to simply hitting “My TV” on the Onkyo remote and all has been well since Friday night.

Anybody else heard of this issue?
HDCP hand shaking has been one of HDMI's achillies heels. If my gear is not powered up in a particular order, I get a blank screen.