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My humble system


Prodigal Son
Here's my Drum room:



Two channel room (which happens to have a surround system and TV in it):


Primary Speaker (right side only)
Towen7 said:
Sadly almost all of my "system" has been put into storage.

Oh Brother, I feel your pain. Been there, done that. And in a manner of speaking, still doing it.
Hey Flint, did you post over at the S&V under a different moniker? I don't recognize your handle.

And, you type very well for a drummer! :teasing-neener:

(my music room:)
Maximo said:
He was Irritate Guy. Botch. BTW, what kind of monitors or those?
Oh geesh, I shoulda figured that out! :(

Those monitors are Tannoy Reveals, passive, bought about ten years ago. Hidden behind the recording desk :shifty: is a matching Tannoy active woofer. It woofs nice!
I gotta wonder if I'm ever going to hear this setup in person?

As usual, all I can say about your rig is good things... fantastic!

Doghart said:
I gotta wonder if I'm ever going to hear this setup in person?

As usual, all I can say about your rig is good things... fantastic!


Come to Austin, already!
Sweet set-ups!

I still need to make out there to here that beast you keep in the attiic.
^ Tee I say I drive down in the Camaro, pick you up and we road trip it to everyone's home and check out their systems...sound good?
I think you should call it your humb(LING) system.

Looks fantastic with the new TV...first time I've seen it yet. Is your new CC location below the TV your new preference or did you make it sound exactly the same as before?
Flint, after being in your room, I can say that your system is anything but humble and to this day still ranks (in audio mind you) the best room i have ever been in. Your home made speakers, room treatment and IB sub is just short of breathtaking. I recall lsitening to Stevie Ray Vaughn's "Texas Flood" with Barney in your room (an album I know very well) and just thinking that this is as close to perfection that one can acheive in sound.

So when i win that damn powerball, I'm hiring your ass to design my music room and Home Theater room......hope your good with many, many, many subs. :teasing-tease: