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My install, updated. Car Audio


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Well after having my wife TELL me to go play in the garage and put in my other amp in my truck (a 2000 GMC Sierra Z71 ext cab) before it gets to cold, I did it and I'm so pleased w/the sound and looks. Here's a rundown of the equipment used.

HU: Eclipse AVN6620
AMP: Audison LRx5.1k
MIDS: Silver Flute W17RC38-4 (6 1/2")
TWEETERS: Phoenix Gold Elite (1") made by Morel after their MT-23 tweeter
SUBS: TREO SSi12.22 (12" dual 2 ohm VC)
EQ: AudioControl DQS
PROCESSOR: Phoenix Gold BassCube

The Truck,

HU, I had to modify the dash to fit the double din, as it WAS a din and a half. I still need to finish off the trim around it, but am going to wait until I have to pull the HU back out to run extra cables for the monitors that will be going into the back of the front headrests.


AMP, Chs 1/2 ~50w x 2 @ 4 ohms, Chs 3/4 ~160w x 2 @ 4 ohms, Ch 5 ~ 1150w x 1 @ 2 ohms, along w/the BassCube, DQS and +/- distro block.



Mids, I need to redo the black trim that is now around the mids enclosure. I need to get pics of it, but am waiting until I get it corrected.


Tweets, the pass side A-pillar needs to be touched up a bit too. It cracked a bit when I went to put it in. That shape was from the previous set up I had on them.


Subs, The sub box isn't 100% done just yet, maybe ~80%. I'm going to redo the grills for the subs and paint the box w/a textured paint just like the mid pods and A-pillars.




I don't have the gains dialed in 100% yet, but it's close and I need to tweek the eqs a bit. The HU has a 7 band para and the DQS is a 30 band graphic x 6 ch, + 2 band para per ch. for a total of 192 bands of eq for the DQS and another 7 = 199 bands of EQ hell.
I'm using Eagles Hotel California as a reference disc. So far w/o much tweeking, it sounds great. I can really tel a difference from this amp and the PG ZX450va amp I was using on the mids/highs and that was a great amp in it's own right. I'm an Audison lover for life now after this amp has now spoiled me.
Looks awesome!

I have a 1998 Dodge Dakota that I just dropped about $2500 in audio on in April.

Pics wouldn't do much good, everything is hidden behind the original panels.

Deck is a Pioneer DEH-P6000UB which has a terrabyte passport drive connected with all my music encoded in FLAC in the glovebox. I can also plug my iPod in there if I want.

I went with Alpine 6" speakers with separate tweeters all the way around. I forget the model but they were about $300 a pair. I set the tweets at -6dB and they are absolutely amazing sounding. No distortion even with the deck almost maxed out.

Alpine 4x100 digital amp under the passenger seat makes em sing!

No subwoofer yet, looking into that possibly this summer.

Car audio is what got me interested in home audio and eventually HT. Unfortunately I drive a company van all day with a crappy CD AM/FM that sounds like ass. I told my wife I was either going to beef up the stereo in the Dodge or buy a new truck.... So I got a new system, funny how that worked out. :text-nocomment:

Very nice indeed. I love it. I wish I could get my boat system insatll back on track, but I am afraid it has been derailed til mid winter at least, if not spring.
That looks really good Smgreen! I That headunit looks factory. I love my Kenwood, but I'm still debating on getting a DD unit in the future. Mine is a 1.5 Din too, but don't know if a DD will go as smoothly as yours did.

Doghart said:
......Deck is a Pioneer DEH-P6000UB which has a terrabyte passport drive connected with all my music encoded in FLAC in the glovebox........

That's essentially what I have been wanting and what I was hoping to achieve with the old Pioneer I had in my Wrangler. I never could make a passport drive work with it, so gave in to a 8GB flash drive which I'm still using. Haven't tried anything yet with my Kenwood.

I basically want to have a setup where I can have my entire collection at my finger tips via some sort of voice recognition. "Play Yes, Roundabout, from Fragile"...that would be cool!
Damn, you be jammin'

Sweet system smgreen20 :handgestures-thumbup:

I don't have a truck currently worth installing what I have. Right now my 400 watt amp and two tens are kickin' my 20' x 20' garage's ass.
Work has kept me busy so I'm sorry I haven't been here in a while. As some know/remember it was my birthday a week ago and I got some goodies. Not all are here yet. What I got........?

It'll be going into the truck, probably next spring as I don't think I'm going to have the time to do so til then.

Some OLD SCHOOL car audio...
LANZAR Opti500 ('93 amp)
LANZAR Opti50 ('93 amp)
Clarion Audia5000 ('88 HU)
Clarion Audia EQX-7 ('88 EQ) given by a fellow forum member from another site. Thanks Jason
Clarion 601A ('91 amp)

Only the Opti500 is getting installed, maybe the Opti50?
Sounds great! Good that you're actually going to use at least one or two of these things. :laughing:
Dude needs more cars!! :happy-smileygiantred: oh yeah and Happy belated Birthday!! :music-rockout:
So, PaulyT, what do you know about your nanocule (avitar) and nanotechnology?

This is my cousins site. www.nanorex.com

Batman, thanks for the late BDay.

As it stands now, and I will be SLOOOWWWWLLLYYY working on it, the amps to go in my install now will be:

All LANZAR Opti amps
Opti50 - tweeters (Clarion SSS601)
Rated: 25 x 2 @ 4 ohms, benched 54 x 2 @ 4 ohms
Opti150 - Mids (6 1/2" Silver Flute)
Rated: 75 x 2 @ 4 ohms, benched 74 x 2 @ 4 ohms
Opti500 - Sub (Clarion SSW1200)
Rated: 1000 X 1 @ 4 ohms/2000 x 1 @ 2 ohms, benched 1050 x 1 @ 4 ohms. I show the 2 ohm rating as it is capable of 2 ohms bridged WITH a fan and my sub is a 4 ohm DVC wired to 2 ohms. Gain will be low so it'll only do 1000.

New HU on the way as my Eclipse quit reading CD's. A Clarion (Go figure right?) NX702 will soon take the spot. Right now I am utilizing a piece from my collection, A Clarion DRX9675z.

smgreen20 said:
So, PaulyT, what do you know about your nanocule (avitar) and nanotechnology?

This is my cousins site. http://www.nanorex.com

Cool, looks interesting! Yeah "nanotechnology" is a vastly over-used and vague industry buzzword, in my opinion; it basically just refers to design and manipulation of custom materials at the molecular level - as opposed to "macro" materials like a metal part where you don't care about the atomic composition but rather just that the part has a particular shape (a gear or a rod or whatever). Not to say that these things can't be useful, just that a term like "nanotechnology" is about as general as "electronics"...
I've been go for so long, but I haven't forgotten about this place. I'll make a different post updating my last year.

But for now, I'll update my stereo to start.

Wanted a new "all in one" head unit and being the Clarion fanatic that I am.... I bought a Clarion NX604. CD/DVD, BT streaming, USB, Micro SD (x2, one is for navigation), Navigation, HD radio, AM/FM and two AUX inputs (A/V). Again, my dash was a DIN and a half, modified to be a double DIN. Where the cassette player was at I removed it and put in a piece of "factory" plastic and put the USB connection in its place along with the bass knob.


Sub/sub amp combo. I still need to make a cover for the amp to protect it and to cover up the wires. I'll put a plexi window on it to display it and 4 fans, 2 pushing, 2 pulling. Box is a 1.1cf box tuned to 37Hz. The sub is a Sundown Audio SA10D2v2 wired to 1 ohm. The sub amp is an Audiopipe APMI-1500, 1414 wrms x 1 @ 1 ohm.



My amprack is behind the rear bench seat. Contains a LANZAR E30 dual 30 band (L/R) eq, a LANZAR x3 3-way crossover and a Clarion APA4200 4ch amp rated at 50 x 4 @ 4 ohms. I did have the Clarion APA4400 installed but it has a loose connection on one of the RCA inputs so it will go back in once I get around to fixing it. It is by far the best sounding amp I've ever heard. The top pic is with the 4200, bottom pic is with the 4400.



I don't have any pics of my doors and A-pillars. In the doors I'm still using 6 1/2" Silver Flutes in .15 cf sealed pods playing 60Hz-500Hz at 12 dB/oct at both ends.
In the A-pillars I have a set of Sundown Audio SA2.75FR (2 3/4" full range speakers) from 500Hz all the way up to 20kHZ. These were given to me from Jacob Fuller of Sundown Audio and in return I was to demo them and post a review/feedback. I loved them so much and they sound so good (best imaging/staging I've ever had) that I decided to continue using them.

That's it for now. I hope you all have been behaving yourselves. Yeah, right. lol
Nice! I know you've always had good car audio. I never used to care about car audio, but my interest there has grown somewhat as my interest in home theater has waned. Not that I figure I'll ever have stuff as good as yours. But I enjoy seeing some of what's out there in car audio.
:music-rockout: :music-rockout: NHRA ? Do you drag race and/or have a hot rod ?