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My little room....


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Cant compete with what you guys have but heres mine. Pics are old but everything is still the same except for the screen. I got tired of the waves in the pull down and got a same sized (106") Dalite fixed model.


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Cool. Nothing at all to be ashamed of there! How do you like the PSBs? Are the fronts PSB as well?
Yup...that looks great Walls.

What PSB's are those?
Looks like you have no side-wall reflections to worry about...........awesome!

Damn I wish I had a basement.
Hey thanks guys! And yup its my basement. :)

My equipment is getting a little long in the tooth but it still all works really well so I honestly havent had the urge to upgrade.;)

Z3 projector .....great "bang for the buck" and still impresses all the time
106" Da-Lite
Sony Blu
Sony 5 disc cd
Sony STR-DE 4ES .....put this one away and got a Pioneer Elite 49txi. The pioneer took a shit on me so I am now back to using my old 4ES but its a great reciever.
Monster Power sumthin sumthin with REALLY bright LED's
PSB Image 5T's..... mains
PSB Image 9C .... center
PSB Image 10S ... sides and rears
Cerwin Vega HTS 15 sub .... yeah I know, but its good for movies and I dont use this system for music.

This is my little "peace and quiet" system, of course the pic shows my old 555's and now like Dane my HP crap has grown. Now I also have the SR80's, HD595's and a faves a pair of HD650's.


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I had a Sanyo projector before I moved. Great projector!

Man I wish I had a basement.
No lie on the basement. Only thing I didn't like was the waves in the screen but you fixed that so bully on you. Looks great. Super jealous.
^ I used to have a basement and it's now finished, and I have barely any storage left!!! :handgestures-thumbdown:

Seriously, nice set-up walls!!