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My new receiver via a nice deal from BB


Well-Known Member
I was looking for a bedroom receiver to switch HDMI sources and run a pair of Paradigm Atoms. I acquired a brand new 8gb iTouch from a friend for nearly half the selling price so I wanted something i could dock it to for music at night ( I sleep with the radio on ) 95% of listening in there is Pandora, which is the purpose of getting the iTouch. I almost bought another Squeezebox but this was a cheaper alternative and can serve some other purposes.

I started looking at the Pioneer receivers after seeing the Bluetooth adapter option. Rather than have a dock I can have the iPod bedside and control it without needing an extra remote or a dock. I was going to get the entry level 520, but WalMart was selling the 820 for $235 so I figured I'd try BB on a price match. They will only price match brick and mortar so they matched the WalMart price of $235 (msrp $299) What they didn't see on the WalMart site was the item was Internet only :D Then they only had one open box in stock so I got an additional 10% off. On chance I asked if they carried the Bluetooth dongle,, which I could find all over the web for $60/65. It was $99, I told them I what I could find it for online so they knocked it to $69.99.

So now my bedroom rig consists of a Pioneer VSX-820 with the AS-BT100 Bluetooth dongle witch can handle the iPod, iPhone, iPad, or either of the Windows 7 phones that my lady and daughter have. The Bluetooth works great, the range covers the whole apartment, it has been playing pandora for about 48 hours and no interruptions at all. Best of all my beloved Squeezebox is now in the main rig again.
$235 for a Pioneer 820 is a great price.

I doubt you'd get as much receiver for that price elsewhere.

Nice buy . . . .