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Need a loan....

Federal grant time! Explain that you're starting a new business and you intend to employ 200+.

Maybe if I explain to the state of CA that I need them to sooth the ears of the dozens of illegal immigrants who will need to see me just to receive their state workers comp benefits. The state might feel that this could "prevent" further injury and grant me a check...... they give it to them for anything they (and their lawyers) ask for!
$20,000 new ? I'm sorry, even if I said the "bad word" when listening.....but can they really be worth that much $$$$$ ? and i thought the custom made Meadowlarks were too much.....
Can you imagine what this owners home is like ? Just to see what is in his closet...much less his wifes closet. Most of American's couldn't even cover the cost of this owners watch on his/her wrist.
....wonder what the seller is replacing those with ?
Sorry, I'm an old fart.........
Barney, you'd be surprised that most of the guys that buy the high end stuff are just middle class but have the 'audiophile' disease. There was a thread on audiogon where someone asked 'what do you audiophiles drive' and at least 80% of them said they drive cars 10 year old or older.
I've been to many rich people home's when I did residential window cleaning in my early 20s and very rarely i saw a home that had a proper system. Most of them just had a TV and a cable box.
They did have nice furniture and everything else. :D
The thing about high-end equipment, furniture, cars, art, whatever... is that the items hold their value relatively well so the real cost to replace it with the next thing is surprisingly reasonable.
Propose a renewable energy source company (Solyndra) to the Obama administration and request a $535 million dollar capitalization. Abscond with the funds and in a year and half, file chapter 11, but not before you pay yourself a handsome salary.

I look at speaker upgrades like this...

I bought a system of Paradigm Reference speakers back in like 2000.... Had them for 6-8 years, sold them for just about what I paid for them....

So 8 years of wonderful speakers for free! (justification)

Then up graded to a Dynaudio system for a year.... sold them 1 year later for a small profit. This time I was paid extra money for owning a Dynaudio system for a year!!! (more justification)

I have since up graded again to a higher Dynaudio line, I have had them for 2-3 years now and I know I can sell it all for more than what I have paid.....

I've been making money owning fantastic speakers in my house for the the last decade!!! (ultimate justification)

....what's next....
The fuck do you mean, what's next? Just sell a couple more pictures and you can get the Dyns that started this thread!!!!