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New Blood by Peter Gabriel


Retired Admin
I know we have a few Peter Gabriel fans here. Do you guys know about this BD? Its release date is 10/24/11.


I didn't know, THANK YOU Zing!

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I've seen him live a couple of times and have a couple of his concert DVDs. This WILL be my first Gabriel BD!

Probably my favorite Peter Gabriel song here. One of the few that had a halfways OK-sounding 5.1 surround mix on his Play: The Videos DVD.

And "Blood of Eden" sounds pretty enough, I suppose. This youtube video is supposedly from 1993.


How could I possibly have forgetten this gem of a song. (Not a favorite of mine, but an awesome video.) It's the "Barry Williams Show".




Cool. And welcome, Mr Bond - James Bond. :laughing:


Sit back, enjoy, and have a martini (shaken not stirred).
I've pre-ordered it. There's one comment on Amazon's site, guy supposedly saw it in a limited theater showing, and its just Peter with a full orchestra, no band.
Still, I've pre-ordered it.