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New Blu-ray Releases & News Thread


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Spring 2011: Disney/Pixar's THE INCREDIBLES Blu-ray Combo Pack

Based on this flyer in the TS3 BD case, Disney will release The Incredibles on Blu-ray in the spring of 2011, in a BD/DVD/Digital Copy Combo Pack. The Toy Story 3 disc also features a trailer for The Incredibles. If any Pixar movie deserves a sequal it is
The Incredibles and maybe Wall-E, this release is way over due.


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Wall-E sucked. While reasonable people can disagree it's pretty over-the-top to put Wall-E on the same level as The Incredibles.
Towen7 said:
Wall-E sucked.
Miracles never cease. We finally agree on something! Anytime I mention that I didn't like Wall-E, I get a look like "WTF is wrong with you?".

Anyway, it's nice to have company on this. :eek:bscene-drinkingcheers:
I thought Monsters Inc sucked so go ahead and give me the WTF!? look cause other than eye candy......meh!
You'll get no such look from me on that one. I thought Monsters, Inc. was OK at best.
Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB both have Pixar releasing sequels to Cars(2011) and Monsters INC.(2012).
If Monsters Inc. sucked, where does that leave Wall-E? Lower than whale shit comes to mind. Besides, I've seen The Jetsons before

Hmmm seems as if a pixar ranking thread is in order... :eusa-whistle:
Batman said:
Hmmm seems as if a pixar ranking thread is in order... :eusa-whistle:

"Wall-E" would be very low on that list. I thought it funny that "Wall-E" daily would watch a video tape "Hello Dolly" that apparantly has lasted 700 years and still plays, cause I got tapes that are 10 years old and can't play worth a shit.
^ Well I know based on my own opinions and what I have read above, that opinions would vary greatly...It would be interesting and fun. I agree for the most part with moviegoers in general that even what some would consider lower tier Pixar material, those movies destroy the other studios when it comes to animation first and foremost, but also in story, characters, originality, innovation, etc...
I'll play.....
My Pixar ratings....

a lot different from others I'm sure.

1. Finding Nemo
2. Toy Story 3
3. Toy Story
4. A Bug's Life
5. UP
6. Cars
7. Monster's Inc.
8. Incredibles
9. Toy Story 2
10. Ratatouille
11. Wall-E

Now, it's not a "Pixar" movie but I would put "A Sharks Tale" around 4.5 between "A Bug's Life" and "UP"