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New Furniture?


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So we have our new tv, next step is to buy new furniture. We are looking at Lazyboy and Havarty's. Both seem to be of good construction and quality. What we think we want is a leather double end-cliner couch and a matching recliner. If possible we may swith out the double end-cliner for a one end-cliner and the otherend be a cuddler. Which is the odd shaped piece in the picture linked below. Anyway, comments appreciated.

I love interesting shaped furniture but I'm not a fan of leather for everyday use. That's just a personal preferance though.
We were struggling with that. Not sold on leather, but realy leaning that way. Spent about 20 moniutes sitting in a leather couch and did not want to get up.
Leather is durable, easy to clean, and if it's taken care of properly, will remain supple without cracking, the thicker the leather, the better. Down side, doesn't breath making you perspire, back and butt, reflective as it pertains to audio, when it wears out it's difficult to find an upholsterer who works with leather.



This is the couch we settled on. With top grain brown leather. Maybe odering today. Super psyched.

Edit: Ok this is the whole tech a man to fish thing. Can someone please explain to me how to post a picture?

* Fixed again Pinheadd :D -With a link like yours, I usually right click the image to view image info, once that window is up copy info next to "location:" then above the post window you want the "img" button instead of the "url"...-Batman ;)