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New Receiver

Discussion in 'Amplifiers & Receivers' started by Sailor, Nov 16, 2010.

  1. Sailor

    Sailor Member

    Hi Everyone: my first post lol: i am in a hunt for a new receiver, i presently have a Denon 3805 and would like to upgrade before i retire from the workforce completely (which is in a not too distant future). i was looking at the AVR4311CI which is 3D ready with HDM! version 1.4a, i am not particularly crazy about 3D technology but will i have a choice in the matter say four to five years from now if this technology ever takes off? i was looking at the AVR4310 it is $900.00 less. in your honest opinion, if you were shopping for a new receiver; would you be looking at 3D technology? i was thinking when retired my buying power will be somewhat restricted, if I do go now with a 3D on a receiver and later on say six years down the road purchase a new TV (like wait and see) (with my luck HDMI version will be at 7.1 :angry-banghead: ) would appreciate your comments :text-thankyoublue:
  2. Towen7

    Towen7 Well-Known Member Staff Member Moderator

    I think at this junction I'd be looking for receivers that have 3D pass through. I dont think we'll need a lot of processing in the receiver, the TVs of the future will do that for us. All we need for now is to know that the receiver can pass that 3D signal onto the TV for the heavy lifting.
  3. Zing

    Zing Retired Admin Famous

    That's an eternity in the tech world. :scared-yipes:

    While I understand your dilemma, I would never buy a component today with the expectation to buy a companion component that far into the future.

    And by the way...
  4. Barney

    Barney Longhorns, Cowboys, Spurs, & Rangers...love Texas

    I have to agree with Zing. Six years (even 2 years) down the road is a LONG TIME. I bought my 1st CRT/RPTV HDTV ready (has only 1 DVI/HDCP input & no tuner) around 6 years ago & look at what is going on now.
  5. Towen7

    Towen7 Well-Known Member Staff Member Moderator

    What is this DVI thing you're talking about?
  6. Sailor

    Sailor Member

    thanks for all your inputs, better get on with the program; cheers you all and may audio be with you :happy-smileygiantred:
  7. Zing

    Zing Retired Admin Famous

    Don't worry about it. It's ancient, archaic, antiquated and going the way of the Dodo bird. :teasing-tease:
  8. Towen7

    Towen7 Well-Known Member Staff Member Moderator

    I was just trying in my infantile way to make Barney's point by demonstrating that not long ago DVI was the only way to get a digital signal to a TV. As you aptly pointed out, that must-have connector has been replaced with at least three flavors of HDMI.
  9. Sailor

    Sailor Member

    would anyone suggest a comparable receiver to the AVR4311CI? :geek:
  10. Towen7

    Towen7 Well-Known Member Staff Member Moderator

    Yamaha RXA-3000
  11. Razz

    Razz Well-Known Member


    If I were you I would make some serious consideration for separates at this point. You will end up with SOLID amplification and won't need to change it out every 4 years or so. Denon separates are very expensive in my opinion and I think you can get just as good, or even better elsewhere....

    Take a look at these....
    http://integrahometheater.com/model.cfm ... lifier&p=f

    http://www.onkyopro.com/model.cfm?m=PR- ... lifier&p=i


    Then get a NICE 5 or 7 channel amp....

    http://classicaudioparts.com/store/ati- ... -sale.html


    A combination like this WILL sound better than the Denon 4311. I'm pretty sure most here would agree with that.

    I like Denon and have had a number of there receivers, including the 3805. I'm very happy with my upgrade to separates.
    I currently use an Onkyo Pre SC886 with an ATI 2007. And it's truly in a different league.

    I got my Onkyo at ShopOnkyo.com and first ATI 1505 on Audiogon for a total LESS than that of a new Denon 4311.
  12. Sailor

    Sailor Member

    thanks Towen and Razz, i will be out this weekend taking a look at all of them, i live in Canada things are a little more pricy then the US. I am not sure about the ATI; i was on their website and the dealers location were not available.
  13. Razz

    Razz Well-Known Member

    ATIs website is retarded!

    They actually sell their stuff through "Classic Audio Parts"
    Their amps are STELLAR. I'm sure a few others here could pop in on this one.
    They are located in California, L.A.
  14. Sailor

    Sailor Member

    ATI has been a good conversation piece here, will i see a huge difference in comparaison to what i have now? this is going to be my last audio major purchase in a long time, and i want to do it right. is ATI comparable to say Rotel? i will be looking at them this week end, how about Moon audio products anyone here have heard of them http://www.simaudio.com/main.htm. i will look and listend to what you have suggested and more, and definitively will make my decision by this coming summer.
  15. yromj

    yromj Well-Known Member

    I would put ATI above Rotel.

    Furthermore, the more I read your posts, the more I'm convinced Razz is right. I whole-heartedly agree that you should buy seperates. The Integra DHC-40.2 and an amp(s) from Parasound or ATI would take care of you for a long time to come. (You should never have to replace the amps.)

  16. Rope

    Rope Well-Known Member Famous

    I'm not certain what you have now, what I do know, when speaking of strickly electronics, there's is never a "hugh" difference. You will notice a lower noise floor and a bit more headroom.

    I sold a Bryston 5B-ST and replaced it with an ATI AT2000, which I will add, received one hell of a deal while kicking tires at AudiogoN. I offered a "low ball" amount, low and behold, Classic Audio Parts accepted my offer.

    If you want to appreciate a "hugh" difference in your audio system, think acoustics and speakers.

    AudiogoN - ATI

  17. topper

    topper Well-Known Member

    Sailor weote:
    "and i want to do it right. is ATI comparable to say Rotel? i will be looking at them this week end..."

    Yes, ATI is every bit as good as a comparable Rotel.

    They are excellent amps.

  18. Randy

    Randy Well-Known Member Famous

    I am really excited about the new pre/pro from Marantz that Razz linked to. Now, if I could only get it past the finance dept.
  19. Sailor

    Sailor Member

    Hi Rope: i have at the present time a Denon 3805 and my speakers B&W L-R Dm 604S3 Centre LCR 600S3 and Surround DS6S3 Monopole and Diapole, Sub SVS PB-13-Ultra and REL Q150E. i am very happy with the present speakers and don't expect to update anytime soon.
  20. Rope

    Rope Well-Known Member Famous

    Good for you! It's alway rewarding when you find the speakers that really yank your crank. Next, think acoustic treatment and placement if you're after a "hugh" sonic improvement. Last, upgrade your electronics to provide lower noise floor and improve head room.


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