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New Shows for Fall 2011


Well-Known Member
Anyone like the news shows this year? I must be getting old, because I think it's mostly awful. There are a couple that I think might be good:
  • Person of Interest -- Although, they better start working on the back story, because I'll get bored of the "procedural" part soon.
  • Suburgatory -- it's way over the top, but I liked it despite myself. The lead actress, I thought, is a pretty good actor. However, I think the cliche jokes will get old quickly.

I have Terra Nova on my DVR and am holding out hope that it will be good, but everything else was "meh" at best.
Terra Nova was crap IMO. A bad combo of Lost and Avatar.

I have a ton of stuff on the DVR I have to get to but I did catch the first two episodes of Prime Susprct which I found to be a good solid police procedural. Good enough that I put it on subscription.

Supposed to be based on the British series of the same name (that starred Helen Mirren) the only real similarity is a strong female lead having to prove herself in a male dominated situation.
Once Upon a Time seems like it might be a good one. In all honesty my kid and work schedule keep me from watching a lot of prime time shows. My DVR is full of shows we haven't had the time to watch yet, so taking on new shows probably won't happen.