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New songs from Liam & members of Oasis.v2 (aka "Beady Eye")


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Noel left Oasis last year, and now his brother Liam and fellow Oasis bandmembers, Gem and Andy, from the 2000's era version of the band, have soldiered on under a new band name: "Beady Eye". Their website says to expect a full album sometime in February 2011. But here are a couple of songs they issued off of a limited edition 7" single.

I don't care much for the first song. The second is a little nicer. But then again let's face it. This isn't Oasis. And even if it were, well, the last Oasis album I really truly dug was 2000's Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants.

The A-Side:

The B-Side (supposedly, as it wasn't officially uploaded by the band, or so I don't think, anyway.)