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New sub needed


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Hi all,

I have a family room that is probably 18X22(?) with a 2 story ceiling with wood floors. In that room, which is mostly used for sports, some movies, and kids shows, I had a Velodyne CT--80 that after 12 years bit the dust. It was highly ineffective in that room anyway but came with me from apartment living and through 5 moves. So I need a new sub. In my main system in the basement I have a SVS PC Ultra that I love.

I have read a lot about the new HSU VTF15H sub and have heard rave reviews. I am thinking that for the application, the VTF15H is probably overkill but would fill the space well. Any suggestions on something smaller, in the $600-$800 price range, that I don't have to build myself, that would work well in this system. I am using a Denon receiver, Focal 705 speakers for the mains and Focal Sibs for the rears. Attached is a pic of the room from the side (leads out to the kitchen). This the pic of the old owners' stuff but you get the idea.


  • Great Room.JPG
    Great Room.JPG
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I've got a VTF15H and an SVS 20-39PC+ that I bought used. I highly recommend either.

Thats not real helpful but I wanted to say that your room looks great.
What stops you from recycling your PC-U to the family room and buying the VTF for the main system (other than exceeding your budget by $200)?
Zing said:
What stops you from recycling your PC-U to the family room and buying the VTF for the main system (other than exceeding your budget by $200)?

I have the wife's approval, believe it or not, to move the SVS cylinder to the family room and then buy something for the basement. Do you think moving from the PC Ultra to the VTF15H is an upgrade?
The HSU is such an incredible nearly untouchable value, even if you purchased it and still kept the pc ultra in your basement you can rest assured the HSU will perform in that room you pictured. I think it would be an upgrade over the cylinder but it's only my opinion...
Good stuff guys and thanks, T7 for the compliment on the room. I don't think I can go wrong owning 2 great subs! So it looks like the cylinder will be moving up to the family room and a new HSU might be on its way soon.
The best part is you already have the SVS to move to the room to try, it will give you good baseline data with respect to how it will perform.

Let us know how it performs!