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New Subwoofer in my future?


Well-Known Member
And no it's not a s;lightly used pair of Bose Panarays. My wife does not like the current size of my current subwofer which is an old Infinity IL120s. Anyway, I was looking at the SVS SB12-NSD wich as I would figure would give decent performance with a diminuitive size. I have two questions:

1. Anything else in this price range (under $600) and size (under 14.5 cube) that I should consider?

2. I see that SVS has re-designed this subwoofer to be a bigger, ported size.

I really don't need something I can feel in my 3rd vertebre, just something that is quality and small.
The only ones I would also consider are the Hsu's for the price. Best advice when you get that PB12 is to save another 50.00 and place it on a Aurolux Gramma pad, best thing you will ever do for a subwoofer to get the best performance out of it.
The small HSU subs are probably your best bet. STF1 is $269 right now. Do they still make subs for Outlaw?
That was just the first example I came across...there's always a lot more. Thanks for the heads up Randy, I wouldn't want to sway anybody toward a bad deal.