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New Thor trailer with more scenes

Took the family along with my mother to see it this past weekend.
Not an academy award winner but who cares, was fun entertainment.

What surprised me was my mother enjoyed the heck out of it, and she really had no idea about nor background on the Thor character. I think she just liked him with his shirt off all the time to be honest.

Kids already put on their blu-ray want list down the road.
Saw the 10:15 showing of Thor last nite. only about two people in the theatre, cool. I thought it was a pretty good fantasy/action movie, I would give it a 7, stayed pretty faithful to the comic book. The Destroyer was pretty awesome, as was the battle with the storm giants. Make sure to stay after the credits to see the tie-in for the Avengers movie, short but interesting concept, took me a sec to figure it out, had to go back deep in the memory banks for that one.