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New toy for us


Well-Known Member
I had been looking for a receiver with the features that I want and need and had set my eye on a Marantz SR5005. The new models have come out so the 5005 has been on sale on various websites but I still waited for it to go down more. I lucked out today when I went to Best Buy and asked them if they had any left and was told another store has 2 of them for $319 BNIB ($350 after tax) :scared-eek:
I siad YES!! I'll take it! :happy-smileygiantred:
Drove to the other store and picked it up. This is the best price I've found anywhere. $350 is not bad for a receiver which retailed for $800. Accessories4less has refurbished ones for $400 so I didn't think twice when I heard the price :happy-smileygiantred:
:banana-dance: :banana-dance: :banana-dance:

CONGRATS! And you suck.
Marantz receivers are pretty to look at


Nice!!! they weren't bumping any Marantz's when I was in so I ended up with an Elite for around the same price and discount......jealous!!!
Nice! And a big "you suck" for sure!
Best of luck with your new toy.............and what a great price, that makes it even better!!!

That receiver looks awesome!! Like it should've cost a lot more. Bet it sounds great, too.
Heck, everyone sucks around here today. I've got to update my schiit!

Gotta love the Marantz design, great looking piece of gear!

You do suck! At that price you practically stole it . . . .

I love getting a nice product for a nice price!

Yup, you suck!!!

I love Marantz. I am seriously considering the new AV8003 of the even newer AV7005 for the basement and ditching the old Yamaha 2500.
Still using my "old" Marantz MM9000 amp (refurbed from accessories4less) & "old" Marantz SR880 receiver. I will be looking in the future for another receiver to replace my SR880. Didn't know BB carries Marantz (was just in a BB this past weekend-but didn't look at receivers).
You suck my friend & hope it gives you many years of joy.
Barney I too am still using my old SR870 and DP870 outboard processor upstairs and I still love the sound.
thats the receiver i got back in the spring... great unit and i did not get it for that price... enjoy....
Barney said:
Didn't know BB carries Marantz (was just in a BB this past weekend-but didn't look at receivers).
You have to go in the Magnolia section of the store where they have Marantz, Pioneer Elite and higher end Denon and Yamaha.
NICE!!!! I loved the Marantz I had. I know you'll be happy. And yeah...YOU SUCK!!!!