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New Video Gaming System


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I've been wanting to make use of this XScreen I've had lying underneath a bed upstairs for a while now. It was given to Bryan and I as part of a Planar promotion a couple years ago and it's been a low priority hanging it because the theater and basement haven't been completely finished. Many of you that have been here will remember this nook from when we played Guitar Hero and Rock Band during my first GTG. It's the perfect area to isolate the kids when they want to go crazy on the Wii or Xbox.

The XScreen is a glass front projection screen that has the appearance of a flat panel tv. It was designed to be placed in a well lit room and it filters ambient light to provide the brightest image possible for a given projector. They come in 60, 70, 80 and a 100" sizes. While it wouldn't be my first choice for this application, I had it, so I decided to use it. Mine is 60". The rest of the system consists of the once broken Panasonic projector I tore down to repair the broken cabinet (repaired flawlessly by -B-). It is the PT-AE1000 purchased off of eBay a little over a year ago. I purchased a cheap set of marked down Jamos from 6thAve.com and a Sherwood Netboxx from Amazon. All furniture is from Ikea. I have a PS3 coming any day and currently have the Xbox and Wii. I'm posting all the pics I took during this install, some are redundant but pics are fun...


They make flat panel mounts for the kinect sensor, it came in handy for a "clean" install after mounting, I turned the Wii sensor mount upside down and mounted to the bottom of the kinect mount with double-sided tape. Up close you'd think the screen and sensors came as an all-in-one assembly...




Reassembled panny projector that was torn apart in my "anatomy of an LCD projector" thread...


It had a large diagonal crack in the circled area that B did an incredible job repairing...


I mounted the projector to a 1x6 that is screwed into the corners of an hvac duct. It is plenty solid to support this 16 lb projector.


Close up of 5 speaker Jamo system. I didn't have a care in the world of what these speakers sounded like. I was looking for cheap and the bonus is they are dead on match to the Ikea furniture is this area. Since the kids will occupy this area the most I wanted something to simply provide sound and that I could sleep at night if one of them put their finger or a controller through a driver...



Rears mounted to a 1x behind the ceiling tile supported by the grid...Yes the speakers are upside down but that made it easier to mount the speakers.




Finished install...



Kids loving life!! I took part of this chair back to Ikea to exchange for a loveseat that bolts to the chaise section :handgestures-thumbup:


all pics are from my iphone so I apologize for poor quality, it's all in good fun...

Total investment:
Projector: $1k
Screen: Free
Speakers: $180
Sherwood Rcvr: $398
Speaker mounts: $35
Xbox w kinect (250gb): $389 (costco bundle)
Wii: $180
Cables/wallplates from parts express: $42
Ikea Component stand: $99
Ikea loveseat/chaise combo: $830

Total: $3153
So this makes system #3? You're well on your way to becoming Matt. Nice job! :teasing-tease:
^ they certainly are nothing spectacular but they do what they're intended for fine, which is provide sound for a setup that wouldn't have it otherwise. It's for the kids that are 11 and 7 years old. The average cost/speaker that I paid is $36 so yeah they sound pretty damn good for that....I believe the list price for the set was either $599 or $699.

Looks like you are using the Microsoft Kinnect wall mount kit? What is the flat back plastic directly under the camera base?

Mine looks like this:


Oh you know, I think what you're looking at is the clamp on the front of the kinect mount. I purchased the flat panel mount which mounts to the back of a tv and the top bracket has an adjustable clamp that latches on to the front of the tv...It conveniently covers the clear plastic stand that comes with the Wii sensor.
Awesome Bats, your suckness factor has no bounds. I recall seeing that screen when I crashed upstairs at your place and asked, why you had a plasma screen under your bed (thta's exactly what it looks like). Nice job buddy. and congrats to Bryan for a first rate repair job.

Say Bats that kid in that last picture you posted, I think Jo has some "splaining" to do to you and wanted to say they grow up so fast huh? :teasing-neener:
^ my 7yo spends too much time out in the sun :eusa-whistle:

J/k that's the neighbors' kid L.J. ....

as always, you suck.

but i wonder about that xscreen...

very enticing...

where how when how much?

lemme know as i tried to google but found crap online. mostly old links et al..
jomari said:

as always, you suck.

but i wonder about that xscreen...

very enticing...

where how when how much?

lemme know as i tried to google but found crap online. mostly old links et al..

I'll try to dig up some pricing somewhere, they aren't cheap. I think they become more of a value at 80 & 100 inches. But obviously in a typical theater room there are better options. These Xscreens are meant to give you a big screen experience in an area where you don't have much control over ambient light. What are 80-100 plasmas down to? $50k so if you buy an 80" screen for $1999, coupled with a $2500-3000 projector you just got 80" of near plasma performance for a fraction of the cost...

Pricing: 60" $1399, 70" $1699, 80" $1999, 100" $2799...:text-link: it been a while since we've made a purchase from our Planar distributor so I have no idea if they still carry the line, I assume since the xscreens are still on the site, they're still producing them... :think:
bats, thanks for looking up that detail for me. quite frankly, i still have my pj hanging around, but havent even set it up, or even attempted to mount it on the ceiling.

guess im too lazy, or pretty much tired of the whole diy attitude towards it. i still have my do-able board from years ago, and well, havent got around buying a new screen (regretting that i sold a 120incher for 80 bucks, when i got it for a great price from a friend who worked at optoma)...

anyhoo, im still renting, we're still renting in a house, and well, i guess i grew out of it.

when i saw your screen, it reminded me of someone on blu-ray.com who used a rear projector setup, and thought it was gorgeous.

now i just want to sell my pj and get rid of it. its 720p by the way, jumped on the hd70 because it was 'the first'.

thanks again, and well, sorry for the threadjack.