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New XBOX360's have any issues ?


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Okay, the "old" XBOX360's would overheat, red-ring of death etc. We just have the same issues with 'em. The issue we have is, open tray, close tray, reading, open tray (over & over & over). The 1st unit we had we sent in for warranty 2 times, second time they sent us a refmanufacted one. It starting doing it again (no matter what disc you try-but they would read on my neighbors) and the unit was out of warranty & they would repair for $98....forget it. We got another unit. It started doing the same thing in about 6 months, sent it in, got it back (they sent a newer unit this time). Now from time to time it does it.
Both units were not overheating, not even warm, have "risers for the feet only). Even tried standing on their sides.
The unit we have is almost 2 years old now.
Are the newer units having any issues ? Do they have better optical drives ? Also my son stated that Minecraft will be coming to XBOX .also as an app on android phones soon..great PC game.
I have 1st gen premium, elite, and a newer slim model and haven't had many issues, except occasionally I'd need to reboot the premium once or twice when loading a disc. Never often enough to send it in. The elite's Ethernet port got fried from a power surge certainly not Microsofts issue. The new console works great...
I'm using, or more accurately my step-son is using, two of the newer S models. No issues with either of them despite many, many marathon COD sessions.
Thanks. I hate the forums for XBOX.......9 yr olds etc......too much to go through....more than AVS... :scared-eek: