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NHL Center Ice now available on PS3

That's good news! First we get the option of MLB streams on the PS3... and now NHL games! Granted, I'm not really much of a hockey fan---I saw some IHL games back in the 90s, but that's about it---so this ain't for me. But still, it's cool technology.

Wonder if the NBA will follow suit next year and add a PS3 option for their League Pass Broadband subscribers?
What's the advantage over getting it from your cable/satellite provider? Isn't the season package price the same?
lulimet said:
What's the advantage over getting it from your cable/satellite provider? Isn't the season package price the same?

I can't speak for the other packages like Center Ice, but for me Dish does not carry NFL Sunday Ticket, so that would be the advantage to me. Sunday Ticket is only available to DirecTV customers.

If you're able to stream it in HD, that would be another advantage as a lot of games (at least with ESPN Game Plan) are in SD.
I'm not overly familiar with the NHL version of this stuff, but with that said... I suspect the major benefit of doing this is that it gives access to those of us who cannot get it via our cable providers, etc. I don't know, so don't quite me on this, but I wonder if a subscription to it would also let you access streams on, say, a laptop computer for when you are not a home????? Again, I'm not sure.

Also... In baseball's version, I know the PS3 app let's you watch games from earlier in the day that you may have missed live. Wouldn't surprise me if NHL hockey does that, too, but I don't really know. If so, then I guess that's a potential benefit.

As for video quality... I tried the MLB basebell streams in the PS3 during a free preview weekend this summer. The quality of the streams over my wirelsss "g" network was very fuzzy and a little blocky, though watchable in a pinch (at least for baseball) but I wouldn't be satisfied with that quality for an entire season. That said... when I later hooked the modem up to the PS3 directly via Ethernet cable (for faster download speed) then the quality improved quite a bit. Still got the occassional blocks of a digital stream and maybe not always quite as smooth as a real TV broadcast, but things were pretty good. Maybe somewhere between DVD and HD quality??? Hard to say as I only got to watch the stuff briefly for one weekend. Definitely not perfection, though.
It is available through my satellite provider but I never subscribed to it. Thought about it, but decided not to.

I noticed with the PS3 I can subscribe for a month which is what I might do.