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OK American Idol 2011 whos watching?


Well-Known Member
Yep the Idol thread again I was waiting for someone to start it but wasnt happening. Any I kinda like it the 2 new judges. Some pretty talented karaoke singers this year. The deep voiced country kid isnt bad . Jumbo ears with the turrets is ok and the guy with the beard. The girls Pia is fricken hot not to bad a singer. The Gravel voiced gal is ok along with the African girl kinda reggae. Its Idol I know but its kinda fun.
Me and my wife are watching.

Very interesting that the judges voted back in Casey when America voted him out this early.......
I haven't watched this week yet but it's recorded.

I think we've got some really great singers this year, much better than last year that's for sure!
LOVE the new judges. I wasnt sure about Tyler and while he is full of himself, I do enjoy his perspective. J-Lo is actually refreshing bringing more of a professional approach to her advice than the show has seen. Even last night with her hubby, why wasnt the Idol staff or the judges aware that the singers needed this training before last night? I credit J-Lo and Mark Anthony for recognizing that.

My personal favorite is the Rocker, James and I like Haley and Pia. Casey is good and I can see why they saved him, but the past 3 weeks he hasnt been great. Thia, Paul & Stefano are the next 3 that needs to go.
I have never seen so many solid performances in one show than I saw this week. This year really does have an exceptionally good cast.
And I agree. I think the training Mark gave them is why they were all so good. A huge amount of the "pitchy" performances on that show have always been due to the fact that the acoustics in there suck and the singers have trouble hearing themselves.
Yes im enjoying this season more than any i can remember. This week was nice really enjoyed all the Motown sounds. Next week will be hard to boot two. Thai the 16 year has such a good voice but she is timid and shy and doesnt let loose with her voice and interact with judges or MC. So I believe she will be one of the 2 if she doesn't improve after that ive no idea. I really thought the country kid wouldn't do well in this genre but he did good kid seems a natural.
I think Pia is the new Contemporary Carrie Underwood.

Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me was amazing!
^ That was the performance of the night...until Hailey slayed 'em all with Bennie and the Jets.
I missed Haileys performance my wife said it was awesome. Pia is still my girl.
Yep my Favorites last nite was Haley then Pia in that order. That kid with the gravel voice needed to go 2 weeks ago and twice he has worn the Gram Parsons Suit with the roses He isnt no Gram Parsons. I like the country kid too 1st up last nite. Its gonna be hard to reduce 2. My bet is on Thia and the Reggae girl just didnt work with Elton. But id hope it was the before mentioned kid with the gravel voice that breaks up.
I thought the right two were eliminated. My next pick to go is probably Stefano. I actually like Paul's voice. He reminds me a lot of Rod Stewart. I am not all that wild about Jacob and think he is over-rated. It was good to see Casey back in good form. Haley and Pia were both great. I also consistently enjoy James Durban, who has great rock pipes.

This is a truly great season.
Gheez, my wife is in love with Paul and Jacob and I dont think either one of them is really that good. And, the country boy has got to go, even though Steven made the comment about him being a "one trick pony" even though his "one trick" is that good, he just doesnt deseerve to win that show.
He does however deserve to win the "Josh Turner Sound-a-Like" contest.
I was pretty happy about this weeks kick off's

I think Pia, even though she keeps doing the same thing, could win it all... she is sooooo damn good... and HOT!
Yup, I am so pissed I really dont care if I ever watch the show again. I'll bet by the look on their faces the judges are all really glad they already used their save on someone that will never win the show.