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OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG, it showed up today, oh yea!


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I'm so excited I'm like an 8 yr old kid on Christmas morning. My Clarion ADCS-1 in dash CD player arrived today. Wow is the box huge! A lot bigger then I thought. I knew it was big, but not twice the size. I'll get some pics of it this weekend and post them, but here's some pics from the guy that actually got it for me.



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Cool! So why'd you choose this particular player? Just curious... (and I know nothing of car audio)


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He's not gonna reply to this thread.... he's got his dash in six pieces and is wedged under the steering wheel... :teasing-tease:

That looks awesome man, I love driving my truck on the weekends and getting to actually use my setup. The "stereo" in my company truck is far less than adequate.

Post some pics and impressions once you get it in!



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Did you guys see that freakishly huge remote control? I take it this ain't your normal run-of-the-mill car deck.


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Far from run-of-the-mill indeed. It retailed for $3500 back in '93. It is more advanced then 95% of the head Units on the market today.

It operates in full digital all the way to the RCA-analog outputs, even the AM/FM reception is converted to digital. It sends the digital signal through a fiber optics cable to the processing unit. In the processing unit there are four slots for digital to analog converters each with 2 stereo ch ouputs for a total of 14 chs, the most from ANY car audio in dash unit. The last slot are sub outs in mono thus giving 14 chs, 6 stereo (12 chs) and 2 mono ( chs 13 and 14). You can set this up to run midbass/midrange/tweeter at all four corners actively and 2 sub chs, each output also has its own time delay, level attenuation, xover slopes of 12/18/24/30/36 dB/Oct, 6 band parametric EQ, adjustable Q (5 points).

It's so far advanced, even for todays standards, that it'll take about 2-3 hrs to set this up WITH an RTA. The big ass remote is what that's for. The smaller remote is for the everyday adjustments.

Here's the real kicker......................

I wont be installing it. :scared-eek: :eek:bscene-drinkingdrunk: :handgestures-thumbup:
It's for collectors purposes only. Part of my stash. :mrgreen: I will get it set up though in my bedroom with it's own special display.


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Here she is as I have now acquired my NIB Clarion ADCS-1. This HU has been at the top of my collection list for over 15+ yrs and thanks to him, it is now a reality. I have found a mounting cage for it and an owners manual, which it did not come with, online.




















I will have some more pics later with it powered up and running, it'll just be later into the summer. I will also have some pics of my newly acquired Auto PC 310 and the 920EQ w/the 7770.


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I've never heard of someone collecting car stereos, that's cool!
How about some photos of your "stash"?


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smgreen20 said:
Here's the real kicker......................

I wont be installing it. :scared-eek: :eek:bscene-drinkingdrunk: :handgestures-thumbup:
It's for collectors purposes only. Part of my stash. :mrgreen: I will get it set up though in my bedroom with it's own special display.

Dude, that's hard core! At least now I won't have to ask how you planned on integrating an MP3 player into a deck from '93. :happy-smileygiantred: