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On the Road, by Charles Kurault


MetaBotch Doggy Dogg Mellencamp
A few of us are old enough to remember this show. I read one of Kurault's books too. Tonight they've restarted the series on the CBS news, was kind've fun (don't know if they have the $$$ to wear out six more Winnebagos on the Interstates to film this thing). Tonight's story was about a mini-Statue of Liberty on a bridge pylon somewhere in (iirc) Missouri. Fun stuff!
As a kid I always waited to see Kuralt on the CBS evening news for his "On the Road" stories.

Then for a bit he had his own program. I read an article quite a while ago where he told many funny stories about all the things that went on trying to get those stories including getting lost a number of times. And while being lost he found some of his best stories.