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Origin Acoustics Outdoor Speakers

Hot Monkey

Well-Known Member
Picked up a small pair of Origin Acoustics 5.25" 2-way outdoor speakers for cheap on closeout to mount on the joists directly in front of my elliptical machine in my basement gym. I run much larger EV 12" 2-way's at the far end of the space but in the early morning I have to play them too loud to hear above the elliptical so they wake people up. The little Origin's are perfect I can hear them clearly without playing them too loud. I was impressed with the sound quality for what was basically a bargain find. Never heard anything from this brand before. Anyone use them or run into them before? I'm not using them as intended for outdoors but I did notice they have a nice weather proofing system for the incoming speaker cable feed with a gasket like assembly and phoenix plug. Seemed pretty well engineered.

Origin Acoustics Outdoor Speakers...

Screen Shot 2020-06-25 at 11.11.23 AM.png


Well-Known Member
It looks like they sell some cool stuff to patio areas away from the house. I could see that stuff being useful for people with large patio areas.