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Panasonic DMP-BDT100. Thoughts?


I'm famous now bitches! vvvvv
Just ordered this player for my mom. Seems to be a decent player and a replacement for the DMP-BD65 player (which I was wanting).

My mom settled on a 42" Panny LCD, so in order to keep things simple I decided on this player so she doesn't have a bunch of remotes to deal with. I was hoping she would go for the 42" plasma, but she afraid of the glare issues since her den is as well lit as mine. The LCD is a 60Hz model, so I hope there is no issues with motion blur. I doubt she'll notice it....least I hope she doesn't.


Any of you guys have any opinions on this player? I may consider it for myself and move the PS3 downstairs since I have a Panasonic TV. It keeps the remotes simplified which is a huge bonus for my wife. A couple of reviews I read seem to be good. About the only bad thing I read was SD content streamed from Netflix has a lot of jaggies in it, but that's more or less a firmware issue that Panasonic is supposedly working on. Unconverted DVDs, Blurays, and HD streamed content are supposed to not have this problem.
Isn't that model a 3D player, if it is you may have saved her a few $ by going with a non-3D player other than that I'm sure it'll be plenty good for your Mom...
Yep, it's 3D but it was the cheapest player that was network ready too. She doesn't show interest now, but I think she will like the idea of streaming movies and shows from Netflix Hulu and others as she learns more about it. Worst case scenario, I can always order a cheaper player without all the streaming stuff and switch it out with hers (at her discretion of course).

On another note.......

Despite my disapproval, she wants a HTiB setup. I'm pushing for just a simple stereo setup that will sound better for the same amount or less money for a HTiB, but she doesn't like "big speakers", even if it's just going to be 2 of them. She has my brother's old JBL/JVC 5.1 system. The speakers are too big in her eyes, but I see his setup as a glorified HTiB.

Kinda sucks as I have to keep reminding myself that this is for her and not for me, but I want her to also get the best value for her money. The LCD TV she picked looks good, but imo I thought the 42" plasma was better looking and it was $50 less. A good sounding stereo setup will be cheaper and sound 10x better than a HTiB system, but the speakers in the HTIB can be hidden from view easier than conventional bookshelf speakers.
If she wants better tv sound, how about a zbox, or zvox...whatever that thing is called.
You mean a ZVOX?


Have you heard one? The claims on their website are Bose-tastic.

Now you can get room-filling home theater sound – without a room full of speakers and wires. The ZVOX IncrediBase 575 is a complete surround sound system – including dual powered subwoofers – all in one cabinet! Just place the 575 on a piece of furniture, place your flat-panel TV on top of the ZVOX system, connect one wire…you’ve installed a high-performance home theater system in under 10 minutes.
Not that they are the end all be all of reviews but either HT or S&V certified a zvox speaker as a recommended item in the soundbar category...
I looked at that link. I think it's funny it was recommended by Stereophile 3 years in a row. $550 seems like a lot of money for one of those things though.