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Panasonic DMP-BDT300


Well-Known Member
I get the 3D adapter and glasses on Friday, and I was hoping that my receiver was new enough that it would at least pass the 3d signal, so that I would still have lossless audio. Well, it didn't. After doing some research, and there is a lot of non information on hdmi splitters, I see that Best Buy had one that said it would pass 3d.

So off to BB we go yesterday, and while I was looking for the splitter, I see a Panasonic Bluray player on sale. I look closer and see that it has 2 hdmi outputs. Unfortunately, the only one they had, was the floor model, which they discounted even more. I also remember reading that it outputed checkerboard, which would negate needing the adapter.

I also had a couple of coupons for gift cards when you spend a certain amount, so after I send the adapter back, and figuring what the splitter would cost, I ended up with 2 3d blurays for about $15, and a much cleaner system.

The panny does as good as job as the sony as far as picture, although the sony seems a bit quicker. I also like gui better on the sony, but those are minor compared to not having lossless audio. BTW, 3d is sweet.