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Ratt radio? That's flippin' awesome!!! :music-rockout:

As for me, I don't have any favorite creations. I simply stick with the genre stations and then put it on shuffle play. Though, truth be told, I haven't listened to Pandora in a couple of months.

Liked me some of that 80s "pop-metal/hair metal" stuff as a little kid, but then for years and years I couldn't stand it. I mean I really hated it. But I guess it's been long enough that I actually kind of enjoy it again. At least in some strange way. (I kind of miss those guitar solos!) That said... the synchronized/choreographed guitar moves on stage, the big hair, the leather pants, and any other bad Eighties rock themes need not make a comeback anytime soon.
There is just something about the way that the Ratt CD's are engineered/mixed that just sound awesome on my system.

Not sure what it is, but it just sounds great!!!
I listen to Pandora ~3 times a week on my way to work.

My channels are:
Bob and Tom radio
Flogging Molly

A few others but I don't listen to them much.