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PANTERA 20th anv. box set

Discussion in 'Music' started by smgreen20, Nov 1, 2010.

  1. smgreen20

    smgreen20 Active Member

    Do I have the best wife or what??????!!!!!!!!!

    She first TOLD me to go out to the garage this past weekend and install the Audison amp w/o complaint from her.

    Then after watching That Metal Show on VH1 classic w/special guest Phil Anselmo I saw that there is a 20th anniversary Ultimate Box Set coming out Nov 22nd and how I wanted it. Well, as I was at school tonight she went out to get it (we didn't know of the release date yet) and found out its release date and she went home and pre-ordered it from Best Buy for me.

    This group has been one of my all time favs. and I HAVE to have everything they come out with. $108.00 later and 3 wks of waiting it will be here. It's not cheap, but it's worth it to me.


  2. smgreen20

    smgreen20 Active Member

    Got an email Friday that it had been mailed out. Should be here Monday (crosses fingers) or Tuesday.
  3. Xgm3

    Xgm3 Active Member

    Pantera kicks ass! One of my favorite songs is Revolution is My Name.

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