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Paradigm Reference Studio CC V2 Has Arrived


Received the speaker today delivered via Fed-X.

Purchased this speaker from Ebay (first time Ebay purchase) and was in just about excellent condition cosmetically and performance. Hooked it up to my power amp, cranked it up and it sounded just fine!

The Studio 20's (Ebay purchase) are due to be delivered tomorrow along with the Onkyo TX NR708 (Newegg Purchase).

Well on my way to my new 5.1 adventure!! :happy-smileygiantred:
Pictures of CC V2 and Studio 20's V2.

The Studio 20's are like new!!


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Very nice! Yeah, I had some 20-v2's for quite some time, they were great! And imho out-performed some mid-level Dyns (Excite X16).
Connected them for the first time a little while ago and they sound great!!

Should be mounted next weekend as the rears in my new 5.1 system! :banana-rock: :banana-rock: :music-rockout: :banana-rock: