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People of Wal-Mart - The Video


MetaBotch Doggy Dogg Mellencamp
Pass the Brain Bleach...

Not too shabby. Found myself having to flip back and review a couple of those pictures. Not that I want to be picking on the people of Walmart, since I've been known to shop there on occasion. But some of those picts? Just wow.
Song was annoying as hell, but yeah some of those pics made me cringe (did like the giant green scary rabbit thing) But the two who shit themselves just wow. I also liked the kid being dragged by the grandmother in the scooter. My wal-mart is what my GF calls Tramp central. Imagine trailer trash to the nth degree of women dressed in what looks like way too short 80's style gone bad clothing. My GF hates taking me there cause I'll say derogatory remarks in a loud voice to where they can hear me. :happy-smileygiantred:

Things I have said way too loud at my local Wal-Mart

1. Holy Shit I didn't know Warrant was coming in concert tonight
2. Honey I'm looking at her and debating......Single wide or double wide trailer.
3. Wow just had a high school flashback
4. Honey do you have a dollar cause I'm pretty sure I can laid for that much
5. Camel-Toe, Camel-Toe, Camel-Toe (my GF hates when I use that one and point and yes that was plural)
6. Any Tighter and I can tell what religion she is
7. I'm wondering if she consciously decided to wear that out in public.
8. Honey listen carefully and you'll hear her whistle when she walks.
9. Mid Life crisis Nooooo, more like Alzheimer's.
10. BWAHAHAHAHAHA No Stop, your killing me Bwahahahahahaha
11. I had no idea that cheetah print was making a comeback
12. Had no idea that spandex could ever possibly stretch that far.

Seriously I have no shame when going to my local wal-mart and laughing so my GF refuses to even go into the store with me if she's with me.