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Pioneer Kodi plug-in unplugs


"Do you know who I am?"
Too risky, too spammy, too smutty, say devs


From the article:

"Hosting Navi-X playlists is no longer something we feel comfortable doing due to the potential liability that comes with it," they write. They also find they've been flooded by ads for paid IPTV service and take issue with poor labelling of adult material.​


"If you see somebody selling a box that’s “fully loaded” or comes with the phrase “Free movies and TV with Kodi,” please, ask them to stop. And let us know. It’s OK to sell a vanilla Kodi box.

"It’s OK to sell a fully loaded box that doesn’t have Kodi installed or fully rebrands Kodi to something else entirely. It is not OK to sell a fully loaded Kodi box," Nathan Betzen wrote last year.​


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I suspect it will take quite a while to kill off these boxes and even longer to shut down the illegal streams that feed them. This is the next generation of BitTorrent and it is, by far, the most user-friendly way to pirate data. That is why I it is becoming such a problem for content owners and why I suspect it will become something close to the sole focus of enforcement attempts for the next several years.