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Poor GoBots...Treated like child stars nobody wants, anymore

Re: Poor GoBots...Treated like child stars nobody wants, any

hilarious. painful, but hilarious.

great find buddy. i never knew the gobots where before transformers tho.
Re: Poor GoBots...Treated like child stars nobody wants, any

Yeah... I kind of remember GoBots coming first, but most everybody had Transformers---me and my friends included. I remember having two Bumblebee's, but oddly they were red plastic instead of yellow (for some unknown reason). So I called them "Firefly", both of 'em. You know... because a fire fly is still a bug and also because firetrucks are red. It was pure genius! Oh... and I also got me an Optimus Prime, and that was pretty cool. That was my best Transformer. But I don't think I ever had a GoBot. The closest to a GoBot I came was some totally generic rip-off toy found in the value bin of a toy store (it was a red and yellow car---not gobot or Transformer---and it didn't do much in the way of transforming.) That said, my older brother had a couple of GoBots. He had one of the larger black cars and, I think, a blue helicopter.