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Possible Android-powered Sony Walkman MP3?


Well-Known Member

No definitive release date; nothing specific at all, really. But CNet does have an article about it and some pictures. Says the current prototype has a 4.3" screen and 800x640 pixels. Wonder if we'll ever get to see it in North America? Heck, I'm still waiting for that Samsung Galaxy Player 5-incher that was promised last Spring. (Not holding my breath we'll ever see it in the US at this point.)

I'm kind of hoping that Apple keeps the iPod Touch and decides to up the screen size, even if just slightly.



Pictures: I don't think it looks as nice as the alleged Samsung Galaxy Players or iPod Touch. Though it looks like maybe the prototype Sony would be more comfortable to grip for games and web surfing.
I doubt we'll see this in the USA, but Philips has recently unveiled an Android-based MP3 player, too.

It looks like crap with all that plastic and a relatively small screen, but at least it's supposedly got Android Market built in. Plus, it wouldn't surprise me if it works better than most of those Archos MP3 players that use Android. Still, at 150Euros (about $213 US dollars) for a mere 8 gigs storage, I'm not sure why anyone would buy this over an iPod Touch. Unless the iPod Touch sells for a lot more in Germany than it does in the United Stated?