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Postcard from an Old Friend


I don't watch much TV, but still record a few news and cooking shows in case I'm out doing something meaningful (heh).

Tonight, clicking onto my DVR menu, I saw a new episode of "Good Eats"!! I don't think he'd had a show in months, but apparently I'd set my DVR to record any new episodes, and it remembered.

Fun show! It was Halloween-based, with a Rod Serling-style intro in color, with the rest of the story done in black-n-white (very "film nöire"). He found a hidden book inside another larger cookbook at a dusty bookstore, started cooking a recipe at home, during a thunderstorm, and had multiple power outages and brushes (and injuries) with some ghoul. Full-hour episode, and his shows are much better when he's not toeing to a weekly schedule; this was fun as hell. The original recipe was a candy, and it was oddly simplified to "Peppermint Patties" at the end.

His shows are now usually available on EweTube, if you're interested.

Like a postcard from a long-lost friend.