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I am a Facebook friend with someone named Michelle Pollace, who I don't really know at all; got a friend invite from her, she had enjoyable posts, is a gigging jazz keyboardist in (iirc) LA, and she's cute, so I accepted. Maybe she knew me from the Keyboard forum (where I haven't been for years).
Anyway, she posted a 1.5-hour documentary on the democratization of the artistic process, and the plusses and minuses of that, called "PressPausePlay". I'm about halfway thru it, and thought a few folks here (the musicians, photographers, writers especially) might enjoy it too.

Well. Michelle has been nominated for three Grammies this year: Best New Jazz Artist, Best Latin Jazz album, and Best Non-Classical Engineered album!
This is kinda cool! :eusa-clap:
Cool. Is this for her New Beginning album? Yeah, it's quite good. In fact I think I'll give it another listen today!