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Problem with LG47lk520


Well-Known Member
Hey all!! How the hell ya all been??

Got a problem with a new set and thought I would ask the experts before packing up the set ansd returning it. LOL!!

Grabbed a 47" LG LK520 lcd set a couple of days ago and am really happy with the pic EXCEPT for the fact that the left top and bottom of the screen show a light blob, or an area of what I can only describe as LIGHT during dark scenes or when watching a wide screen move. It seems to start in the middle of the left side and gets wider towords the corners. Almost as if the backlight is placed vertically on the left side of the screen.

Now this is just an everyday family room set and really for $750 its pretty decent but if this cant be sorted out I will spend a couple hundred more for a better set.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!!
Sounds like a manufacturing defect to me. I'd take it back to the place I bought it and ask for a replacement.

Great to see you around these parts again!
Towen7 said:
Sounds like a manufacturing defect to me. I'd take it back to the place I bought it and ask for a replacement.

Great to see you around these parts again!

Where you been, Walls?
Ya know I watched a ton of shit on the store (WorstBuy) floor model and did not notice this on the thiers. Damn, guess I will be boxing her back up and returning her. :handgestures-thumbdown:

Maybe I will spend another $175 and buy the LED model, is it a better set??

Just been workin, you guys will see a hell of a lot more of me when the snow flies, winter is my down time. :handgestures-thumbup:
What you're seeing is an issue called "flash-lighting" and I would replace the set asap.

Best Buy may suck at some things, but the ability to return/exchange within 30-45 days of purchase is where they shine, no questions asked usually.

I went through 4 sets (2 Samsung LED and 2 Panny plasma) before deciding which set to keep.

They will even have the delivery guys bring one to you!

I did that twice before figuring i was pushing my luck! :teasing-tease:

Doghart, which one turned out to be the keeper??

Good Luck Walls! New toys are always fun!
Returning the LG today, thinking about a 46" Toshiba. Sears has em on sale for $200 less then what I paid for the LG. Never had a Toshiba.....hope its better then the LG..
I've got a 46" toshiba lcd that I got from costco a little over two years ago. It's not a high end model, but it's been doing just fine, never any trouble with it.
Toshiba's are pretty nice. Not sure who makes the LCD panels for Toshiba or LG now but it sounds like the panel on the LG is in a "bind" on that side & you may be getting light bleeding between the pixels or even the pixels don't "turn off completely". Rope knows alot about this.
Since you can get a Toshiba for $200 less...........heck yeah !
Keep us posted.
Returned the LG and got the Toshiba. On sale at SEARS for $599, not too shabby for a 46" 1080p 120hz lcd. And I am happy to report that there is ZERO flashlighting and I am very happy with the pic and overall quality. Its a keeper!! :banana-rock:
:handgestures-thumbup: :handgestures-thumbup: :handgestures-thumbup: :eek:bscene-drinkingcheers:
So that's what flash lighting is. I don't see it as of yet on mine. I have a 37 inch LG in the bedroom and it has worked great for two years. You can bet i will be watching close for the next 30 days. If i see any it will be gone in a heart beat. Sounds like something that doesn't always happen.
I am pretty sure that if your set doesnt have it it will not just appear someday. Mine was there from the first time I turned it on. ;)