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PS3 Move


Well-Known Member
Any of you guys with PS3s going to invest in the MOVE for it?

I didn't even know it was released yet....

Marketing FAIL for sure, but I'm interested in how it compares to the Wii.

Definately wins the "Controller most shaped like a sex toy" award. :laughing:


Based on what I've read about MOVE so far it seems like a superior tech to the Wii. But the game content obviously has to be up to snuff and, am I the only one who is completely underwhelmed by that particular demo??

My thought is that the Wii technology is MORE than sufficient when implemented properly to enjoy a KICKASS game such as Zelda, Sony can talk up their new controllers all they want but I'm not going to enjoy it very much pretending to swat bugs...I'm sure Sony will put out some amazing games, but that short video did NOTHING to sell me...

Also, already owning a 360 I'm more intrigued by KINECT but is the new console required to use it?
I would've been more excited about his 2 years ago. It still might be cool, I dunno. I own a Playstation, but don't plan on getting a "Move". Not at current prices, anyway.

Xbox Kinect seems more innovative. Regardless, all the demos I've viewed for either new accessory seem kinda lame. I mean, sure, I'd like to try that bowling game on Kinect; but how long can I play it? And no way do I get sucked into some lame game where I'm dancing like a pop star or cheering mom on as she runs and jumps in place.

Xbox Kinect:
I agree 100% about the supposed functionality of Kinnect, but it's not on the market yet, and who knows if it will work as shown in those demos???

I think the PS3 is just too late in the game without offering anything new. Unless they have a killer game title the get's MOVE off the shelves by November, I'd say they shouldn't have even bothered.

i personally think that the move isnt necessarily in my future plans, primarily for two major reasons.

1. in order for me to enjoy this id have to fairly invest around 200 clams to get 2 controllers (i chose two players, because theres no point in playing by yourself), and almost equal the cost of owning another console. price point is too high for me.

2. the games presented arent necessarily 'ground' breaking for me. id love to see other game titles, but even then, i dont see developers committing to such a 'unsteady' market.

I love my ps3 for what its worth, but to invest once again for me to wave my hands? sorry.

I did tho get to demo it via gamestop, and pretty much impressed by its accuracy. is it worth the money id invest in? i doubt.