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PS3 question


Active Member
Hey guys have another question. When I'm watching Transformers 2, which is in TrueHD, my reciever is not showing TrueHD on it it's showing Multi Channel. I went into the PS3 settings and checked the HD audio formats along with the PCM 5.1 settings to make sure they were selected.

I understand I'm not going to tell a difference in sound whether it be multi channel or TrueHD. I just want the receiver to do the decoding. So what settings do I need to change to get my reciever to do the decoding?

EDIT: Didn't mean to make a new thread. I thought I clicked "reply" not "new topic"
Did you update the PS3? Once you get the network connection back up, it probably wouldn't hurt to see if you have the latest firmware for it. That might make the other connection issues a bit easier.
PS3 is up to date. I fixed my network problems. Not sure why it was acting up but after changing a few things it's working just fine.

I don't understand why the bitstream option is under the video settings and not the sound options. Makes absolutely no sense to me.

The PS3 is so much better than my old Xbox lol
Mannix2106 said:
I don't understand why the bitstream option is under the video settings and not the sound options.
Because HDMI is considered a video connection even though it carries both video and audio.
I have an older PS3 that doesnt allow bitstreaming of lossless audio so i just have to go with Multichannel. But since I use mine strictly for games, it's not a big deal, I use my Sony 350 for Blurays in bitstreaming format. I did find this nifty video that may help some of you with optimizing your PS3 for better picture quality, and it did help. So here you go.

Friggin Youtube encoding not working .......once again, so here is the URL link to get to the video.


Edit by Paul: fixed - just remove the "&feature=related" part from the URL.