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Pull-out rack system?


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I'm helping with a DIY home theater and the owner is looking for a rack that I have no experience with so I thought I'd ask for help here. He has a built-in cabinets and wants to install a pull-out/rotating rack inside the cabinet.


Here is a picture of the cabinet. It's the same space I mentioned a couple of weeks ago where the owner wanted to update the cabinets. This is an old shot and the spot where that TV is will have it's a vertical face frame restored to return the set-up to three equal width shelving units, all with solid doors. He wants a rack in one of those three openings. I recall seeing pull-out systems but I don't have any experience with them.

Any tips?
DIYer said:
You mean something like this, this or this?

They are not cheap though.

Nothing in this hobby is.

Thanks for the links. These are exactly what we're looking for.

FWIW he needs enough rack space for a UPS, 5 channel amp, pre/pro, sat stb, bd player, and a game console or two.
I have not looked at DIYers links but check out middle atlantic if they have something you'd like to look into hit me or B up, there is a lot of margin and perhaps we could help...
Here is what I've from from Middle Atlantic...

PART # OpeningHeight Width Shelves Depth Weight Cap PRICE
QMA-ASR-30 29-7/8" 18-1/4" 4/3 16-1/8" 100 lbs $395.00
QMA-ASR-36 35-7/8" 18-1/4" 5/4 16-1/8" 100 lbs $429.25
QMA-ASR-42 41-7/8" 18-1/4" 6/5 16-1/8" 200 lbs $536.55
QMA-ASR-48 47-7/8" 18-1/4" 7/6 16-1/8" 200 lbs $567.85

I don't have the measurements but I'm guessing the 36 or 42 inch units would be the best options.
DIYer said:
Bat, is that a picture of cupcake as your avatar? :angry-tappingfoot:
Yeah thanks to our Admin Zing, LOL, hopefully when my bday is over he'll restore my other avy and sig...

Towen, I'll look into those for you...
I'll "3rd" the Middle Atlantic racks. For what all they can do, I don't think those prices are half bad.