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Question for Yamaha AVR owners

Bob R

Active Member
This is concerning my new RX-V1065 (with HD tuner).

When I sent up auto scan to preset memory, I only find 9 FM, 1 HD, and zero AM stations. This is both with the cheesy FM strand & AM loop antennas provided or my rabbit ears meant to catch FM.

Ok, call it signal strength. My real question is reception of the stronger signals. They drop out to nothing. No hiss or noise – nothing. The “tuned” light on the receiver drops out also. In and out. This is a very strong station I’m playing with here.

In my experience, FM signals are analog and get weak along with some background noise. Not as bad as AM but they don’t just drop out.

I have not even tried to manually tune in some weaker signals. This is only with the stronger signals in my area. My upstairs Denon and half a dozen AM/.FM radios around the house do not have this issue.

Any thoughts?

I switched out an older Pioneer AVR with a 300 ohm “T” antenna – in the exact same position. Four other radios in the vicinity receive the same station without problems.

Since the Yammy has a 75 Ohm cable connector, I did not re-use the T. Somewhere in my house I have a 300 to 75 ohm adapter. I’ll find it tonight and try again.
Ok, one obvious question: Have you tried changing the orientation of the antenna, say from East/West to North/South & in between?
You know, after hanging around you guys for the last ten years, I consider myself a semi-informed AV consumer. So before buying the RX-V1065 I headed over to AVS forums and did a search. The impression I receved was that this 2009/2010 model was OK at the MSRP of $1K, but a bargin at less than $450.

So. i pulled the trigger.

Are you ready for the rant?

Today I go back to AVS and did a search for "FM tuner" on this model. This brought up pages and pages of V1065/2065 and A1000/2000/3000 Yammy owners with the same problem. Most of them resolved with a firmware update.

So ..................

I go to the Yamaha site and yes there is a firmware update for the 1065 (Yeah) :text-bravo: and I down load the instructions.


I check my firmware vision and find out that I already have the latest version. :angry-tappingfoot:

This POS is going back in the box to be sent to either Amazon or Yamaha.

Well this might be easier than I thought.

I log in to Amazon and on the last day to do it, I file for a return. It was accepted and I Already have the pre-paid UPS tracking number,

We shall see how this goes.

My next post - AV receiver recommendations!
Well, sorry it didn't work out Bob, but yeah at least you're not losing much besides time. Guess good radio in home audio isn't in as high demand these days? Compared to cars I mean...
PaulyT said:
Well, sorry it didn't work out Bob, but yeah at least you're not losing much besides time. Guess good radio in home audio isn't in as high demand these days? Compared to cars I mean...

Hi Pauly:

I live for WEEI in Boston to get my Red Sox/Celtics/Patriots/Bruins news.

When I saw that they were on HD Radio, I wanted this model.

My bad on this one, I guess. :angry-banghead:
I'm sorry to hear a Yamaha didn't work for you Bob; I only tried the radio section once to make sure everything was wired correctly and I'd set up my Harmony 1 properly. I haven't played with it since (too many CDs)
Bob, I feel your pain with returning a vital component in our systems!!

Hang in there!!

My Onkyo was received today by Newegg, I brought it to UPS last Saturday. If I am lucky the will send my replacement to me on Monday or Tuesday, which means I probably will not have it for next weekend!!!!!
The tuners in the receivers I've seen over the past few years (many of which have been Yamaha) really leave a LOT to be desired. People don't understand why their car can pick up all of these stations while sitting in the garage (sometimes on the other side of the wall) while their new high-dollar fancy-schmany "stereo" can't.

In your case Bob, it sounds like the Yammy's tuner has a circuit that cuts off the output from the tuner when the signal strength drops below a certain threshhold, so that no static is heard. It also sounds like that circuit's threshhold is WAAAAY too high.

Yamaha's receivers of late seem to have more and more of these types of little annoyances cropping up. Each one by itself isn't usually a deal-breaker, but it's getting harder to recommend Yamaha though.