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really cool tune here..........


I'm famous now bitches! vvvvv
I got to poking around and found this tune. Wow! Lot of soul in this track. Me likey!

Yeah, after about the 5th listening last night, I went ahead and ordered the CD (should be here Wednesday). I sampled the rest of the album. All the tracks sound great, though I do think this track is the best of the lot.

What I liked about this song was the bit of melancholy through out, but towards the end the song really picks up (where he says "gotta make it right"). It seems dreary, but it really has a positive feel to it.

There's nothing better than a song that just picks you up and moves you on first listen. I love music like that! Charles is on Daptone records, so I'll probably check out some of their other offerings. It seems some of these smaller labels have the best music.