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Realtek HD Audio Sound Manager - anyone use this with a Sub?


Active Member
My built in soundcard on my desktop uses the Realtek HD Audio Sound Manager. I am trying to hook up my sub and select 5.1 without the center or surrounds. The thing is I'm having trouble because the Center and Subwoofer connect are together on a stereo 3.5mm plug. I have a 3.5mm to RCA plugs cable and when I hook up either one of the RCA's to the sub it tries to play full range using the Realtek setup test tones (I've verified with REW looping the center/sub output into the mic input - the test tone/sweep sound Realtek generates goes from 20-8000hz on both channels). There is an option for bass management but it doesn't help (nor does it specify crossover freq).

I'm about to run to radio shack and buy some cables to use the sub's built in crossover and keep the speakers in stereo mode. But, I just wanted to double check if anyone has tried doing what I am with the Realtek manager. I've done some google searching online and it appears that alot of people are having similar problems and more with these drivers. I'm running the latest ones and this still doesn't help. It appears Realtek's software isn't the most helpful either in support documentation.
Re: Realtek HD Audio Sound Manager - anyone use this with a

I use Realtek Sound Manager, although, not 5.1, but sterio. My Audioengine A5's have a sub out connector. Have you checked the setup in control panel? Perhaps there's an option that will permit the use of a sub with no center. The other option is a Y connector. Split the signal from your right speaker, and connect it to your sub.