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Recommend a cheap/good projector


Well-Known Member
I have a buddy who just bought a house and has a small man room downstairs. I am trying to push him in the direction of projector/screen combo.

Any thoughts?

Need to be widescreen, HD, and quiet. Beyond that I know very little of the current projector/screen market.
I bought my 110" Elite screen from Amazon for less than $400.

I haven't kept-up with bargain projectors but projectorcentral.com should have some solid recommendations around $1,500.

Check the link below for their most recent top ten list. The 2010 Editors Choice winners list for around $1,300.

If your friend plans on staying with a fixed screen, tell him to build his own.

Get the screen material here (link). There's a link at the bottom of the page for building the frame.

You should have somewhere around $150 after buying the screen materiel and frame supplies.
If he wants to go with a new projector, the Mitsu HC4000 is tough to beat for ~$1200-1300. If he can stretch to $1800-2000 a world of options open up. And with a used projector, even more so...I think a DIY screen is a good option too like Yesfan mentioned if time is not important and you also won't be restricted to $/INCH, but for $400 to unpack and have a screen together and hung in 45 minutes is very convenient.