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Red Cliff Parts 1 & 2


Grandmaster Pimp Daddy
Well the GF spent the night at a freinds house last night, so I said now would be the time to rent "Red Cliff" now first off I had no idea that this movie in both parts is 5 hours long. So i watched part one last night and finished part two today. Holy Moly what a great movie. John Woo (director) has made a movie of epic proportions the kind that would make Cecil B. Demille proud. Vast landscapes, huge battle scenes and not thousands of extras but tens of thousands of extras. I thought while watching this movie that I havn't seen a movie of this type of productions since "Gone with the Wind" or "The Ten Commandments" just a huge feat to pull off and they did it with flying colors.

The story in itself is fantastic with a small country of 100,000 soldiers trying to fend itself against an Army and Navy of 800,000 all fighting because of one woman. The battle scenes were some of the most brilliant I have ever seen put to film and I found myself a few times saying out loud to myself, "G-Damn" I was just that impressed with this whole movie and how John Woo cleverly shows both sides and the planning and execution on how both sides plan to win this war. Very graphic battle scenes with more than it's fair share of arrows being shot, limbs and heads being dismembered and the soldiers at rest, wounded, playing, fighting and dying.

Even with all the people in the cast it's not hard to figure out who is who and what they stand for. Granted this movie is subtitled but don't let that sway you from seeing what to me is one of the greatest movies ever put on film. John Woo spared no expense when making this and very little use of special effects gives you the feeling of actually being in 200 A.D. times in the midst of a huge battle between an Army that has never lost and a small group of soldiers fighting for their country.

The Audio is downright fantastic with some my subs getting a real hard workout (especially the mid bass subs) and the PQ is just some of the best I have seen on Bluray, at times I actually thought I was looking out a window at this huge battle with how clear the image was.

This film has been mentioned a few times here and so I know some of you have seen it, but trust me for those who haven't this type of film making is soon becoming a lost art and I was glad to see John Woo bring it back. As mentioned it is a five hour movie, but the pace moves along pretty good with only a few slow moments. but otherwise a big Thumbs up :handgestures-thumbup: from me.
Thanks Matt. I've avoided this one due to the length, but recently watched Crouching Tiger, Hidden Drummer and might eventually get this one. It's going to be -9 F tomorrow morning, wish I had it now; don't think I'll be going anywhere for awhile... :x
Anyone else thought it's Harry Potter movie (Daniel Radcliffe) when you saw the title? :confusion-scratchheadblue: Just wondering if I'm the only one...
Yeah, this is a good movie, I have the BD of it based on (I think) MZ's thread on it a while back on S&V. I agree, good PQ, some excellent sub demo material (the battle scenes), good movie overall. Actually, I had this with me at Bat's this summer, but nobody was interested in watching it at the time... It's a bit to sit through, but worth it. Maybe not my favorite movie of this style; I like Hero and Crouching Tiger more, but still worth seeing!