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War Never Changes
Aside from playing Mr. Goodkat in Lucky Number Slevin, its been a while since ive seen him in a great role aside from an ex-cop, or a detective, or playing a cop at all.

THIS time around, hes playing a Retired one.

Without giving much away, id have to say that this is one of those movies, that you dont need to drop your brain at the door, but rather keep an open mind towards this flick. it aint an action movie per se, but moreover a stab at it. comedy comes to mind, but not completely either.

This movie shows what expendables couldve been. A bunch of old farts doing a great job acting, and having fun at the same time. You could tell that Malcovich was having a blast (no pun intended), and showed what can be accomplished with very little.

Great script, great acting, and a blast to watch.

For those interest, this is on sale for 13.99, yes my friends, 13.99 at your local target on tuesday. ON BLU-RAY.

Thats a steal on its own.