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Rise of the Planet of the Apes 2011


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Different take on the story, could be pretty good, could stink.

Here's the trailer:


I like the storyline of how we were working on a cure for some disease, and then our test monkeys not only benefited from it, but apparently also outsmarted us! Now... I'm no Planet of the Apes expert, but I'm assuming that particular part of the plot is unique to this upcoming reboot of the series?
^ But that chimp didn't get chemical treatment like the one in the movie. Although it did get mental stimulants from interaction with humans. Probably won't happen by itself in the wild.
captions on:

photo #3 - "Here is where Santino has hidden his rocks and projectile stashes"

photo #4 - "After a visitor group had left the compound area, researchers watched as Santino went inside and brought out this heap of hay and placed it near the visitor's section.

Then he stashed stones under the pile."

Photo #6 - "After observing the chimp for days, the scientists also suspect that Santino just also "finds it fun" to bug humans"

Anybody else here feel they wouldn't give Santino the opportunity?? Seriously, what are they thinking?
Today's newspaper had a short story about orangutans who are using iPads, at least the younger ones.